April 2021 Event: Guest Speaker Curtis Kelly

Why our Brains Love Stories: The Neuroscience of Narrative

Abstract: Stories, the original Wikipedia, are the oldest tool of teaching, and still the most potent. For most of human existence, we have used stories to share information and educate our offspring about the wiles of the world. It is no wonder our brains have evolved to process stories so much more effectively than other formats of delivery. In fact, stories do more than information transfer. They cause a parallel activation of the insula that results in brain linking. The presenter will provide the neuroscience behind stories, methods for using them, and some powerful stories for you to experiment with.


Curtis Kelly (Ed.D.) founded the JALT Mind, Brain, and Education SIG and is currently the producer of the MindBrainEd Think Tanks, a magazine connecting brain sciences to language teaching. He is a Professor of English at Kansai University in Japan. He has written over 30 books, including the Cambridge Writing from Within series, and given about 500 presentations. His life mission is “to relieve the suffering of the classroom.”

Date: Saturday, April 24th

Time: 2:00pm to approximately 3:30pm

Location: ZOOM

Meeting ID: emailed to all chapter members at least 3 days prior (check your inbox!)

Passcode: emailed to all chapter members 3 days prior

*ALL* JALT members are welcome to join.  For the Meeting ID & Passcode, send an email indicating your FULL name and chapter affiliation to:


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