Communications, Social Media Chair & Grad Student Liaison

Rebecca Clegg Sasaki

(Akita International University, Lecturer)

Rebecca photo JALT website

Rebecca has lived in Akita for a total of 13 years, first in 2005-2010 as an Assistant Language Teacher in the south of the prefecture in Masuda town and now in Akita City as a lecturer at Akita International University (AIU). Her undergraduate studies were in English language and literature, and she has two master’s degrees, one based in critical theory from Goldsmiths, the University of London, and the second in English language teaching from AIU. In her research, she is interested in the interstices between how theory, ideology and narratives are brought into and played out in different contexts, primarily in the classroom by teachers. Her current project has been to found a “writing centre” at AIU and under the auspices of the centre to also start an archive of writing on the events surrounding the earthquake, now commonly known as 3.11., that was seen on the east coast of Japan in March 2011. She is pleased to further involve herself in the Akita JALT community through offering her services as the Communications Chair, to also include social media management and graduate student liaison, and hopes that the role will facilitate a sharing and collaboration amongst JALT members both within the prefecture and further afield.

Communications Chair 2023~

Social Media Chair 2023~

Graduate Student Liaison 2023~