March 2021 Chapter Meeting

Topic: “Akita Chapter’s Annual Health Check”

Presenter: Ben Grafström


Ben Grafström has been the President of JALT’s Akita Chapter since January 2020. Prior to that he was the Membership Chair for 3 years. As an Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Akita University, he is mostly charged with English language classes (reading and composition) for 1st and 2nd year students, but also regularly teaches introduction to Japanese culture, an intensive course on Matsuo Bashō’s Oku no hosomichi, and Heian literature—all in the spirit of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI).

Today’s presentation covers the results of the Akita Chapter’s Self-Assessment Rubric. Completing the Self-Assessment Rubric (SAR) is required annually by JALT headquarters and is a useful tool to help chapters (and SIGs) reflect on their organizational strengths and weaknesses. Most members do not see the SAR or are even aware that it exists, however the information on it is critical to the chapter’s success and to the greater success of JALT as a whole.

Of particular interest today will be introducing chapter members to potential leadership roles within the chapter (which, needless to say, look good on CVs!). There will also be an opportunity for members to raise their own concerns and suggestions.


Date: Saturday, March 27th

Time: 2:00pm to approximately 3:30pm

Location: ZOOM

Meeting ID: emailed to all chapter members 3 days prior

Passcode: emailed to all chapter members 3 days prior


*ALL JALT members are welcome to join.  For the Meeting ID & Passcode, send an email indicating your FULL name and chapter affiliation to:



(Replace ?? with @)

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