President & Program Chair

Jason Tacker

(Akita Prefectural University, Assistant Professor)

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I have been in Japan for 15 years.  I started working in Shizuoka then moved over to Ehime in the south and currently Akita in the North of Japan. Akita reminds me of my home in Minnesota as it is at the same latitude.
I am a long time JALT conference attendee and only in recent history a member. I always felt unsure about myself in comparison to other JALT members as I felt I could never measure up to the standard but since coming to Akita The JALT community here made me feel welcomed and important thus I became a full-fledged member.
After joining Akita JALT I became the Membership chair which has given me a real feeling of membership and purpose that I could not have gotten if I had not joined.  I like my monthly duties of inviting people and thanking people for joining our Akita community.
My background is in Cultural Anthropology and Teaching English as a Second Language.  I have found that my background has mixed very well with the Akita JALT community giving me new opportunities to write better, more meaningful research, and give better presentations with help from all the wonderful people around me in Akita JALT.

President, 2023~

Program Chair, 2023~

Membership Chair, 2020–2022

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