Chapter Events

Akita–JALT holds a number of thought provoking, educational, and fun events every month.   Chapter events are open to both members and non-members.  Anyone with an interest in the topic presented is encouraged to join the session.

Our events are usually held on the 4th Saturday of each month, from 2:00–4:00 pm, at Yūgakusha (遊学舎).  Information about our monthly events are generally posted on our chapter’s homepage.

We have moved our monthly meetings to ZOOM for the time being due to COVID.
Also, meetings have been finishing around 3:15–3:30.

Our 2022 event calendar is still in the works, but will be updated as the year progresses.

January—WINTER BREAK; no event
February—WINTER BREAK; no event
March—Chapter President’s Presentation
April—Miguel Mision (Nagano University) 
May—Louise Ohashi (Gakushuin University)
June—Irina Kuznetcova (Akita International University)
July—Graduate Student Poster Session
August—SUMMER BREAK; no event
October—Maria Carlotta Avanzi (Akita Prefecture University)
November—JALT International Conference; no chapter event
DecemberGraduate Student Poster Session (*will be held on the 2nd Saturday of December*)

Note: events are FREE for members. For non-members, the first event is free, and each subsequent event is 500-yen.

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