Making use of Aristotle’s Rhetorical Pyramid:  Teaching EFL students the keys to rhetorical analysis

Saturday, March 24th, Akita JALT meeting

Presenter:  Dr. Patrick Dougherty


We are surrounded by speakers, advertisements, and political campaigns that want us to believe them, buy their products, or vote for their candidates.  Appeals for our support come to us via every conceivable media.  As language teachers, giving our students the ability to rhetorically analyze spoken and written appeals and speeches will improve their understanding of language nuance and increase their language aptitude.  The presenter took the audience through a simple, student-friendly, introduction to Aristotle’s Rhetorical Pyramid and the elements of rhetorical analysis.  He then gave audience members an opportunity to exercise their understanding by analyzing spoken and written speeches and discourse via classroom activities. A fine time was had by all.

About the presenter:

Dr. Patrick Dougherty is a Professor of International Liberal arts and Head of the English for Academic Purposes program and Foreign Language Education at Akita International University.  He also serves as the President and Program Manager for the Akita JALT Chapter.

Akita-Jalt Akita-Jalt Akita-Jalt img_2712.jpg Akita-Jalt



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