Christine Winskowski Wows with Online Teaching and Learning Tools

This summary is taken from the April 2013 chapter report as produced by Stephen Shucart, Recording Secretary of Akita-JALT.


This presentation was a workshop conducted in the CALL Lab at the Honjo Campus of Akita Prefectural University.  It consisted of a tour of the latest and coolest online tools for teaching and learning.  Some of the tools were more for teachers, several of the tool were more for students, and, of course, some work well with both.  

The online sites included sites to easily construct online lessons, text-to-speech, quiz construction, rubric construction, graphic organizers, whiteboards, and mindmapping.  The presenter guided everyone through the well-organized links and explained the purpose of each resource as well as providing ideas on how to incorporate them into creative lesson planning.

For some pictures of this event, and a listing of the year’s events please visit Akita – JALT’s archive site.  Next month Bobby Takahashi and Stephen Shucart will be talking about “Motivating Students by Talking About Novels”.

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