Learning Vocabulary With Adrian – December 2012 Meeting

Here is information for the December 2012 Akita-JALT meeting.  Want some tips and tactics about vocabulary acquisition and usage,  and ways to teach it come on down to Join Us.  Hope you can be there.  Spread the word.

Date: Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time: 1000-1200

Place: Join Us – Kenshushitsu # 5 (Third Floor) – http://www.akisouko.com/joy/access.html

Fees: JALT Members and Students – FREE; All others – 500 yen.

Title: The role of vocabulary in the language classroom

Presenter: Adrian Paterson

Abstract: Vocabulary is an essential part of language, however it is also an often neglected and misunderstood part of language teaching. In the first part of this presentation, Adrian will give a general introduction to some basic principles and concepts related to vocabulary acquisition, in particular; defining what vocabulary is, what it means to know a word, and how vocabulary is acquired, stored, and retrieved. In the second part he will lead a discussion of ways that teachers can help students to improve the depth and breadth of their vocabulary knowledge.

Profile: Adrian Paterson is an assistant professor at Akita University. He has an MA in linguistics from Osaka University of Foreign Studies and been teaching full-time in Japanese universities for 10 years. His research interests include; vocabulary, formulaic language, language testing, and complexity theory.

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