May: Focus on young learners.

May 26th – JOIN US, Kenshushitsu-6 (3rd Floor), 1000-1200. – Click here for report and photos.

Speaker: Kim Horne (Kindergarten teacher) – Focus on young learners. Very interactive – games, chants, movements, etc.


AKITA – May 2012 – Brain Rules, Jewels, and Tools – Kim Thorne. This workshop focused on providing teachers with a comprehensive toolkit to use with young learners. Ms. Thorne employed alively mix of songs and physical activities to illustrate her thesis of kids having short attention spans, so interactive and stimulating activities are vital to their learning. The key to understanding the context of the presentation was her detailed, multisensory explanation of brain rules, teaching jewels and instructional tools. The new focus of Japanese education on Elementary school aged English learners made this a very timely presentation.

Reported by Stephen Shucart

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