April: Interwoven Stories Told by High School JTEs and ALTs

April 14th – JOIN US, Kenshushitsu-6 (3rd Floor), 1000-1200. – Click here for synopsis and photos

Title: Interwoven Stories Told by High School JTEs and ALTs

Speaker: Takaaki Hiratsuka (University of Auckland)

Summary: Japan has used team teaching by Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) and Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) in daily English lessons through the JET programme for more than two decades. The issue of teachers’ as well as students’ perceptions of their participation in this programme has begun to attract attention. This presentation will share stories from a four month research project that took place at two Akita high schools. Through this project I hope to make contributions particularly to the field of Second Language Teacher Education (SLTE) by sharing stories from the project and facilitating thoughtful discussions. Those attending this session are highly encouraged to participate in the discussion by sharing their classroom teaching stories.

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