Autoethnographic Explorations of Language Teacher Identity: A Workshop (Eric Ku)

Chapter Meeting

Saturday September 21st; 2:00–3:15

Autoethnography has become an increasingly popular research methodology across a wide range of academic disciplines, including language teaching research. Autoethnography can be seen as applying principles and tools of ethnography (e.g., observation, investigation, reflection, writing) to “the self” and connecting it to broader theories or phenomenon. For us, as language teachers, learners, and researchers, autoethnography allows us to use our personal experience as a legitimate, investigative lens to understand our teaching, classrooms, students, and identities.

Inspired by a recent special issue of Qualitative Inquiry on using autoethnography to make sense of COVID-19, I have designed this session to be an interactive workshop that includes:

1) a broad introduction to autoethnography and its applications in language teaching research, and

2) a hands-on activity where you will be invited to do an autoethnographic prompt relating to language teacher identity and share/discuss any reflections.

Participants of any background are welcome; no prior knowledge or experience with autoethnography is required.

Eric K. Ku (Ph.D.) is a Lecturer in the Department of International Resources at Akita University, Japan. Prior to teaching in Japan, he has also taught in Taiwan and the United States. His current research interests include language teacher identity, teachers of multiple languages, multilingualism, multimodal composition, and linguistic landscapes. You can find his work at his website

ALL chapter members should have received the ZOOM link to the meeting. (Check your spam folder)

Anyone else who would like to join, send an email to akita *at mark*
(Please clearly state your FULL name and affiliation)

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