On teaching English at Japanese universities: Getting and keeping a full-time job (Dr. Jenifer Larson-Hall)

Although it was never my intention as a graduate student to work in Japan I have ended up employed at 4 different universities in 5 different jobs and I offer my experiences as a way of illustrating some of the pitfalls and good points of working in higher education in Japan, and compare this to working as a professor at a US institution. I’ll talk about how to get your foot in the door at the university level, contract jobs, and why if you really want to make a career out of teaching in Japan you might consider going to graduate school to study something you really love (not necessarily language teaching).

Dr. Jenifer Larson-Hall is a professor in the University of Kitakyushu’s Department of Foreign Languages—English Division.

Date: June 26th (4th Saturday of the month)
Time: 2:00 to 3:15pm
Venue: ZOOM

NOTE: Current Akita Chapter members have been sent a ZOOM link and logon instructions.

**This meeting is open to all. DM akita[at mark]jalt.org for details.**

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