Chapter President’s March Email to the Chapter (2021)

Good Afternoon Akita JALT Members,

I can think of 2 significant milestones we will be reaching this March. One of course is the 10th Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which, being residents of Tohoku, affects us, our students, and our colleagues perhaps more profoundly than those in other parts of the country. And the other is of course 1 year living under the pandemic in Akita—I believe it was around March last year that Akita’s first cluster appeared and the postponement of the school year was announced. 

Now then, Akita JALT’s monthly chapter events will continue to be online.  As far as I understand this is true for most JALT events this year, with few exceptions.

The NEXT monthly event will be:

Date: Saturday, March 27th
Time: 2:00pm to approximately 3:30pm
Speaker: me
Topic: I attended the JALT Executive Board Meeting (EBM) in February (that is, one of 3 annual meetings at which all chapters and SIGs *must* attend in order to maintain JALT as a successfully functioning organization).  I will be reporting back to you, the chapter, about the health and status of the Akita Chapter, suggesting ways we can grow, and offering the chance for leadership opportunities for chapter members within the chapter.

I will send the ZOOM link to chapter members a few days before the event.

The event will be open to all JALT members.  Non-Akita Chapter members who want the link should email me at:

(Replace ?? with @).

I hope to see you March 27th!



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