“Anthropological Perspectives of Japan”


Scholars from all over the world study Japan and individuals take different approaches to studying Japan from personal, to disciplinary to historical perspectives.  If we are creatures of our culture, as cultural anthropology instructs us, then it follows that scholars of different cultural backgrounds would manifest different interests – different ways of thinking, different outlooks, different worldviews which would cause them to interpret differently what they behold whether it be Japan, China or any other country. Before formulating an opinion about Japan or any other country or topic for that matter, this presentation encourages scholars to first view it anthropologically or from the perspective of the social sciences.


About the Presenter:

Bryan Hahn is a lecturer in the English for Academic Purposes department at Akita International University, Japan. He holds graduate degrees from Loyola Marymount University and Oxford University.  He has worked as an educator in the United States, South Korea, and Japan.  Prior to embarking on his career as an educator, Mr. Hahn was a journalist and reporter for television stations in Florida, Tennessee, and California.

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