CANCELLED: Akita JALT April Monthly Meeting

Greetings Members of Akita JALT,
I hope that each of you is healthy and safe.  Akita does not seem to be getting hit by the virus too much, but I implore you to remain diligent in taking precautions against its spread.
With that said, and as you might have guessed, we have decided to CANCEL this month’s meeting, which was to be held April 25.  A new professor at Akita University, Evan Cacali, was the invited speaker.  He has graciously offered to present at a later time.
On a personal and professional note, being involved with JALT has been a form of professional development for me as an Educator.  It is precisely because of what I’ve learned from the various JALT workshops, conferences, and our monthly meetings that I feel confident about the challenges the upcoming semester will bring (i.e. implementing CALL system, e-learning tools, educational technology).  So I’m grateful for all of our guest speakers in the past and I hope my sentiments are shared.
When the virus settles down let’s all meet again at our monthly meetings with renewed vigor.
Stay healthy!
–Ben Grafström
Akita Chapter President
P.S. Stay tuned for updates on the May meeting.

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