The Use of Biographical-Narrative in Language Teaching

This presentation described biographical-narrative research and proposed different methodological suggestions for its use in applied linguistics. This kind of qualitative research, also named narrative inquiry, is a methodology that is used with the aim of understanding different phenomena from individual experiences. By using narrative research it is possible to study aspects such as second language acquisition processes, cultural awareness, and intercultural sensitivity development, from the students’ perspective. The biographical-narrative research encompasses different approaches and modes of data collection, such as dairies and linguistic life stories. This presentation focused on linguistic life stories and described how to use and analyze them in second language acquisition research. It was divided into three parts. First, there was a brief presentation of biographical-narrative research methodology and its objectives. Second, it described the different means of data collection, with an emphasis on linguistic life stories. Third, it proposed suggestions on how to analyze and interpret the life stories, and how to present the results obtained from the analysis.

Presenter:  Alex Pinar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of International Liberal Arts, Akita International University

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