Using TED Talks to facilitate Large Group Discussions

AKITA — September 2014 – Using TED Talks to facilitate Large Group Discussions — Carlos Budding and Cherie Brown, Akita International University

The purpose of the presentation/workshop was to show participants a method for helping students increase motivation and focus their English ability, as well as develop lifelong skills. The presenters demonstrated the steps they use to connect TED videos to classroom curriculum.The presentation started with a series of questions to activate the schema of the participants. Following a description of the classroom curriculum, the presenters showed their state-of-the-art use of TED videos in their classrooms. They give their students a set of rubrics, so even when they get stuck, they can refer to these strategies to help make pertinent statements. The workshop participants experienced authentic discussion activities and the session concluded with a lively question and answer session.

Reported by Mamoru “Bobby” Takahashi

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