Making the Most of Study Abroad

AKITA – November 2013 -Making the Most of Study Abroad
 – Terri Lee Nagahashi, Akita Prefectural University. The presenter reported on an innovative faculty-led study abroad program.  The program was designed to support the curricula of the Faculty of Bioresource Sciences at Akita Prefectural University and took place in Oregon, USA during the summer of 2012. Professor Nagahashi showed several interesting examples of student-made presentations. The results of the post-trip questionnaire suggested that this program produced multiple benefits including enhanced intercultural awareness, increased motivation for learning English, and improved research, writing and presentation skills. This presentation was not only an excellent tutorial for those who are interested in developing short-term study abroad programs, but also an excellent project example for those who are interested in Experience-based Learning in general. A lively question and answer session took place at the end of the presentation.

Reported by Stephen Shucart

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