Web Communications Developer

My name is Kim Carlson.  I have been in Japan for 12 years. Originally from San Francisco, which is where I started fooling around with the web. When I am not teaching, I spend most of my time on the internet! Now living in Akita, I teach a computer course in English at Akita International University and I also have my own English school – KC’s English Space. I like being a part of the JALT community and keeping in touch with the current teaching/learning environments. These days zoom has become my favorite partner!

2 responses to “Web Communications Developer

  1. Howdy Brian,

    Sorry about that. Derek created this website, but I’ve been administering it since he left a few years back. Bobby, our President probably knows where he is. I’ll ask him tomorrow.

    I forgot this page was even here, so thanks for the heads up, I just updated it.

    Happy Trails,


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